Haikko Manor

The summer holiday was about to end and the weather had not exactly pampered holiday makers. We needed a small break from everyday life. We turned our eyes to Haikko Manor in Porvoo, less than an hour´s drive from the capital.

Haikko manor.
 The combination of a beautiful, historic environment and a modern spa was just what we needed.
The present manor house dates from 1913 and stands as a majestic crown in a scenery of parks and seashore. Inside you find old-world charm: it is easy to imagine the refined ladies with their long dresses going in the stairs and girls gracefully holding their parasols while strolling in the park. For art-lovers there is plenty to look at in the manor, and if you want more, the atelier of the famous Finnish painter Albert Edelfelt is nearby. He painted here for 24 summers in late 19th and early 20th century. You can find big posters made of his most iconic paintings here and there in the park.
The hotel has not gotten stuck in the past. A modern spa has been built next to the manor house. There you can pamper yourself in many ways or keep fit in the gym. There are many different saunas: in addition to the traditional Finnish sauna, there is also a steam room, a sauna with aromatic fragrance and an infrared sauna. There is also a choice of pools, from cold to hot, a whirlpool and a pool with different massaging showers and currents underwater. We also tried the experimental showers with different light and sound effects, from birdsong to thunder. For some reason, we fell asleep quickly in the evening after spending hours in the spa. If you wish, in addition to the traditional spa treatments you can try out the special anti-age treatments promising to make you look younger without surgery. I wanted to try the super cold, 120 degrees below zero, which is said to relieve pain, but unfortunately, we had to leave it to another occasion.
The friendly service must receive a special mention. Those customers staying in the manor house have their own breakfast rooms and you can also have a glass of sparkling wine with your breakfast. 

The food is a delight and whilst you eat, you can admire the beautiful old furniture or the view of the park and the sea. For fine dining, there is the Manor house restaurant and for more economic dishes or snacks you can visit the Spa bistro.
Whilst in Haikko, you should also visit the lovely old town of Porvoo. There is a medieval church up in the hill and the old wooden houses downhill next to the river. There are interesting little boutiques and many different restaurants along the narrow cobblestone streets. The whole town is like an outdoor museum!
Our manor-house holiday was really relaxing and eased the going-back-to-work stress considerably.

Homepage of Haikko manor:

Homeage of lovely old town of Porvoo:

(Porvoo, about 7 kilometers from Haikko Manor) 

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