On our autumn holiday last October we visited the Meri Hotel Spa in Kuressaare and had a chance to talk to their very experienced doctor, Helvi Koppel. She introduced to us the variety of treatments they had for different conditions. (home page)I felt slightly frustrated when I realised I should have come here two years ago when I broke my ankle very badly. The process in Finland did not go altogether well and my ankle is and will remain stiff.

Aku Eronen and doctor Helvi Koppel.

In March 2015 I fell on a slippery road while I was walking to work in the morning. I broke three bones. The local hospital did a wonderful job putting the pieces back together and sent me home after a few days. For six weeks I had a cast and walked around with a pair of crutches. Or mostly, I sat on the sofa because walking was so difficult. I got some instructions for doing gymnastics and I tried to follow them closely.
So far, so good. The problem arose, when the cast had been removed and I was supposed to go back to work. It was not easy to get a permission from the insurance company for physiotherapy and the manual therapy I received was not entirely suitable. The result was more pain. After ten times I didn´t even apply for more because it only seemed to worsen the situation. I was rather disappointed in the rehabilitation I received and felt that more could have been done.
At the Saarenmaa Spa there are different treatments using water, mud, heat, ultrasound, magnets etc. that reduce swelling and pain. I am sure the result could have been much better at a lower cost than in Finland. I think Finnish insurance companies should sponsor this kind of rehabilitation! It´s in everybody’s interest to do all that is possible to get the fracture patients or any other kind of patients back to work and in a condition as normal as possible. In the spa they can treat many conditions under the doctor´s supervision. I feel this was not so in Finland, at least in my case, because no doctor took any kind of responsibility about my case after the fracture had mended. So, my advice to those with any kind of health issues is this: spend time in Saarenmaa Spa and start your stay with a visit to Dr. Koppel!
Of course, the Spa offers much more, too: you can take different beauty treatments and try the wonderfully relaxing mud therapy with local mud. The best therapy for me was the beautiful view from the hotel towards the sea and the Bishop’s Castle and daily walks in Kuressaare.

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