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In board games, people are at the same table and enjoy playing together. This is a game of one hundred years old Finnish history.

Finland, the former eastern part of the Swedish kingdom and autonomous grand duchy of the Russian empire, became independent in 1917. How did this come about? And how did a civil-war-torn young republic eventually 
become one of the safest and most stable countries in the world? In this game, you’ll seek answers to these questions and get a general overview of Finland’s journey from the mid-1800s all the way till the 2000s.
In addition to historical events, you’ll get to crisscross Finland and visit interesting modern-day travel destinations.The players’ movements around the game board are dictated by dice-throws and governed by a set of rules, which are supplemented by a history section.

Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English and German


Only in Finnish:

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